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What to Know About Rhode Island Investment Realtors

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If you reach the point that you want to begin investing in real estate, it is important to get involved in a real estate investment which best fits for your investment goals. This article will discuss why it can benefit you to develop a working relationship with a Rhode Island Investment Realtor, the qualities you must look for, and how you could find that person.

Why Use a Professional Rhode Island Investment Realtor?

Why would you like to utilize a professional Rhode Island investment realtor if you can find your own real estate properties? First and foremost, because the right Rhode Island investment realtor can guide you from your first goal setting phase in the selection, acquisition, as well as the subsequent management of your investment. These experts could direct you into investments you might have discovered on your own and then discuss the purchase for you. What is more, Rhode Island investment realtors are armed with the tools like our real estate investment program and the skill and experience to assist you crunch and interpret the numbers.

Who is a Right Rhode Island Investment Realtor?

Most essentially, you’re not searching for a licensed broker or agent who sells properties for a living without ever having become knowledgeable or active about investment real estate. You don’t want a property salesperson with no or minimal clue concerning rental property. You want an investment realtor who works full-time and not just knows and practices real estate investing, but also understands the market.

The Rhode Island Investment realtor you want knows investing and is very familiar with things like taxation, depreciation, and financing as well as tax- deferred exchanges. You want an expert who can make rental property cash flow, rates of return, as well as productivity analysis presentations and then assist you to understand that data against your investment objectives. A real estate investment maybe the biggest sum of money you’ll ever spend, and you want an investment realtor who not just cares how you spend your cash, but also handles it sufficiently as if was their own.

Why Melissa Riley at Westcott Properties is the Right Rhode Island Investment Realtor for you.

Melissa Riley has almost ten years in real estate investment sales experience.  Melissa has facilitated hundreds of transactions involving distressed properties to newly constructed homes.  When it comes to finding the right investment property, exploit Melissa Riley’s experience in not only identifying the right investment, but also selling it for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

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Joy Riley

Joy Riley, Founder and Principal Broker of Westcott Properties is a real estate executive with over 37 years of sales, consulting and marketing experience. Joy has become an industry leader with closed sales volume approaching 1 billion throughout her career, a record that has been recognized annually with the Platinum Circle of Excellence Awards for 20 Million & above. Well deserving of her preeminent reputation and significant industry position, this self styled professional is continuously praised by her clients (sellers, buyers, investors) and corporate sellers alike for her expertise, market knowledge, progressive marketing strategies and extraordinary results.

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